This section of the site is a dedicated project documentation wiki. To get started, browse the list of projects here on the homepage or read more detailed reports by clicking the corresponding hyperlinks in the first column. Other projects can be found on my GitHub account. To request an account for this space, contact me directly.

Project List

Project Objective Tools used Status
WCDB Create a website to track world crises. Heroku, Django, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Twitter Bootstrap, D3, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Completed
Personal website Create and maintain a personal website to showcase achievements, projects, and writing. HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, Drupal Completed
Japanese language studies Achieve fluency in Japanese and document the process to share with others. Heisig, 大辞林, AJATT, FNN, etc. Ongoing
Photo gallery Add a photography section to my personal website. HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress Developing
Mobile site Create a mobile version of my personal website. HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, WordPress, Drupal Completed
Japanese translator framework Implement basic functionality for a Japanese to English translator. Python, GitHub Planning
PitchPerfect More details to come... Xcode Planning
Unity game More details to come... Unity Planning